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E-commerce is as we know it, is the business of buying and selling goods via the internet. Those ads you see on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms or while reading a website, telling you to guy a set of goods for a discount are tools used by players in the e-commerce space. What are the roles of E-commerce companies in Nigeria?

Well, that’s easy – They enable and facilitate the buying and selling of goods (e-commerce) in Nigeria through their websites on the internet. While some of them such as Jiji are basically just facilitators in that they simply enable vendors to market and teach large customer bases, some others not only facilitate e-commerce but are also vendors in themselves as they market and sell products of their own as well.

 Types of E-commerce:

  There are quite several e-commerce types or models but four majors ones stand out the most.       These are:

  1. B2C – Business to Customer: As the name implies, this is basically a model of the business offering goods and services to the customer.


  1. B2B – Business to Business: This is a model of the business offering goods and services to another business more like in a supplier manner.


  1. B2A – Business to Administration: This is an e-commerce model of a business supplying of offering good and services to the administration or the government. These are usually under the radar though.


  1. C2C – Customer to Customer: This is an e-commerce system where customers offer goods and services to other customers. For further reading and better understanding of the above, kindly refer to the following: “Types of e-commerce Wikipedia”

          10 largest E-Commerce Companies In Nigeria

  1.  Jumia

Easily the biggest and most popular e-commerce platform in Nigeria and possibly Africa, Jumia has grown to become a household name in Nigeria, being the fastest point of call for people who want to buy goods off the internet and it’s highly probable that you see their ads at least once a week on one social media platform. To see what their platform looks like, check their website

  1.   Konga

Konga would easily take the spot of 2nd biggest e-commerce store in Nigeria and probably Africa as well. Constantly trying to outperform Jumia, Konga merged with Yudala in 2018 to gain even bigger market control and has made itself a worthy competitor for Jumia in pricing and delivery, being the next stop for customers who aren’t satisfied with Jumia prices or goods options or just simply want to compare goods and prices. Check their website to see their goods and services

  1.   Jiji

Launching with their catchy jingle – I need money now and my phone e don dey old e don tay so I want to sell it off, Jiji it!... Oya Jiji Jiji, ehen Jiji it! Lol. Jiji easily earned itself a place in the heart of Nigerian for being one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that enables anyone at all to market and sell their goods from old gadgets to new food recipes and anything sellable. It has sure grown over the years to become a powerhouse when it comes to e-commerce in Nigeria. Check out their website to understand how they operate and why they stand out.


  1.   Payporte

Payporte is a strictly fashion e-commerce company in Nigeria. Availing you access to diverse fashion and clothing designs, Payporte is nicknamed the fastest growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria. To see what beautiful offers or designs they make have, head over to their website

  1.   Slot

You’ve probably stumbled upon a building well designed in red with a white and red sign reading SLOT at the top but if not, well you’re getting introduced to them now. Slot is an E-commerce giant in Nigeria renowned for all things digital and electronic from smart phones to laptops to tablets as well as generators and stuff that falls in that category. They are easily the fastest name for tech products after Jumia and Konga. Visit to see what amazing products and deals they make have.

  1.   Kara

Another e-commerce store which is fast rising when it comes to gadgets in Nigeria is Kara. Dealing in products that have the word smart attached to their name, Kara is out to seize more control in the tech sales industry in Nigeria. Visit their website to see their products and offers.

  1.   Printivo Stores

Unarguably the most popular printing services company in Nigeria and possibly west Africa, Printivo had decided to step it up a notch by launching their own e-commerce platform but in a unique way. Printivo Stores enables artists and designers to advertise and sell their designs to buyers all over the world. To check out this outstanding store and what is had to offer, visit

  1.   Ajebomarket

While I find this name quite funny, same would not apply for its services. Ajebomarket is an E-commerce shopping platform strictly focused on all things fashion and clothing items for men from clothes to shoes, palms, sandals etc. Check out their options and offers on their website

  1.   Ebeosi

This is an Igbo word for “where it comes from”. Launching in 2019, Ebeosi is an e-commerce startup that enables sellers to connect with buyers as far as US, UK and some other European countries. Ebeosi is an online store that enables sales of multifarious goods and products from clothes to gadgets to lifestyle as well as beauty products to mention a few. Why not head on their website to find out what products they make have that fits your needs.

  1.   Sellatease

Sellatease is an e-commerce platform that enables vendors to market and sell goods and products easily. What makes them stand out is the vast options of goods they permit for offer or sale. With good ranging from cars to real estate, their platform sure has items that are seemingly unconventional on the e-commerce space, and this gives them an edge to attract more customers as they go. Visit their website to see a list of their unconventional products and items.

It is worthy of mention that most of these e-commerce platforms also offers logistics and delivery services which facilitate their activities and gives them wider reach to the Nigerian populace and the teeming customer base she offers. So, there you have it, the top 10 e-commerce companies in Nigeria. For more options of e-commerce companies in Nigeria, you could check out

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