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BLOGGING- Can we make anything profitable through it? You hear of blogging as a high-income business in the digital age but you have no idea what it is about?

Blogging is a group of skills that one needs to run, manage, and oversee a blog.  It includes you to fit out a web page with tools to make the process of drafting, writing, posting and dishing out Content easily on the internet.  A blog is an informational website displaying information published on the World Wide Web (WWW) in order (i.e relating to time, from the earliest to the latest. Having known what blogging is about, you ask yourself "Is it something I can do? So many times you ask why business personnel and brands go into blogging or have a website. Blogging allows you to share information about your business and its services. You know right, you need to have a website as a brand. Yes, you do. Now one of the things blogging helps you to do is Drive Traffic to Your Website.  Blogging helps to convert your traffics into leads. Through blogging you have an opportunity to convert those traffics coming to your website as leads. It is simple, just add a lead generating "Call To Action" to every blog post. Often those call to actions can be a Free Ebook, Free Training, or any good Content which someone will be willing to exchange their information. So blogging is a very essential tool for business brands.

One of the popular blogs on Nigeria is LINDA IKEJI'S BLOG created by LINDA IKEJI and her blog is centered on entertainments, fashion, style and gossips and she earns big time. Now, the big question is Can We Make Anything Profitable Through Blogging? Can I as a person make money from Blogging in Nigeria? Yes, you can Blogging is a very profitable business. Here are just few ways you can make money from Blogging in Nigeria.


1. Sponsored Posts: You can make money from your blog by accepting sponsored posts. In this, individuals, brands, and companies will pay you to place a post on your blog. The sponsored post will always be related to the content of your blog. Like fashion, entertainment or health simply relating to your contents. If you want your target audience to know you accept sponsored post, you should put up the information on your blog that that you accept sponsored posts and then you drop an active number they can contact you or an email to send a message and in return, you charge them a certain amount of money. Example of a blog that accepts sponsored posts is, it charges 50,000-100,000 on sponsored posts on his blog.


2. Sales of digital products.

If you own a blog you can generate money on your blog by selling your personal Products or services to your audience. This can be digital products (in form of eBook, Trainings, videos, etc) or physical Product.

 It does not matter so long you have the trust of the people who read your blog, they will happily buy whatever you sell to them. If for example, you are Blogging on fashion you can sell collections of clothing, foot wears and anything fashionable you have in store and they will be very happy to buy from you. Or if you Blogging about health topics and you know your Audience wants to burn fat or cure ulcer or any health issues, you can sell body fitness products or Healthy drugs for ulcer. Note: Please do make sure you are selling good products to keep the trust and it is very important.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to earn money as a blogger in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is recommending digital products to people who needs them on your blog and getting a commission on every sale you make. It is just like you referring someone to a hair brand you buy your hair or a shoe plug where you get designer office shoes, and you get to be paid a commission by the seller on the sale made. This is the simplest term of affiliate marketing. These products that are sold by affiliates (i.e the vendors) are Products that are important and very beneficial to people, you only need to give them reasons to buy immediately or soon enough. One of the companies that deals on affiliate products here in Nigeria is EXPERTNAIRE. It a very good digital products company that pays up to 30% as a commission. Please. If you want to know how to become an affiliate or start up affiliate marketing on expertnaire even though you are not a blogger, click the link below and watch a FREE video

video on everything you need to be an affiliate marketer on expertnaire for FREE (Do make sure you watch the video; you will be glad you did)

4. Through Google Ads

This is one of the popular ways you can monetize your blogs. Once you start having a reasonable number of audience and have written enough content on your blog, it would be good to apply for GOOD ADSENSE. It is simple just go to www. Google  Google AdSense is an advert agency owned and managed by Google. It accepts advertisement from businesses and individuals who wants to promote their services and they show the adverts on your blog. Google in turn pays you the blogger a commission for using your platform to advertise. Blogging is cool really and very profitable.

Making money through Google Ads requires a strategic approach and several key steps. Here's a general outline to help you get started:

Create a Website or Blog: First, you need a platform to display Google Ads. Set up a website or blog around a specific niche or topic that attracts a target audience. Ensure your content is engaging, relevant, and valuable to visitors.

Apply for Google AdSense: Sign up for a Google AdSense account, which allows you to display ads on your website. Google AdSense is a program that connects advertisers with publishers (website owners) who want to monetize their traffic.

Optimize Your Website: Improve your website's user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). This involves making your site fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. Additionally, create high-quality content that attracts organic traffic from search engines.


Drive Traffic to Your Website: Promote your website to attract visitors. Utilize various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization to increase your website's visibility and attract a larger audience.

Create Relevant and Engaging Content: Consistently produce high-quality content that aligns with your niche and audience's interests. This helps attract more visitors and encourages them to spend more time on your website, increasing the likelihood of ad clicks.

Ad Placement and Design: Strategically place your ads in prominent areas of your website where they are likely to grab visitors' attention. Experiment with different ad formats, sizes, and designs to find what works best for your audience.

Monitor Performance: Regularly analyze your Google AdSense reports to gain insights into your ad performance, including clicks, impressions, and revenue. Use this data to optimize your ads and improve their effectiveness.

Optimize Ad Revenue: Experiment with different ad placements, sizes, and formats to maximize your revenue. Conduct A/B testing to determine which ad configurations generate the highest click-through rates (CTRs) and earnings.

Focus on User Experience: While it's essential to generate revenue from ads, prioritize your website's user experience. Avoid excessive ad placements or intrusive formats that might annoy or frustrate your visitors. A positive user experience leads to higher engagement and repeat visits.

Stay Updated: Continuously educate yourself about Google AdSense policies, guidelines, and best practices. Keep up with industry trends and changes to ensure you're making the most of your monetization efforts.

In conclusion,remember, making money from blogging requires dedication, perseverance, and patience. It may take time to build an audience and establish revenue streams. Focus on creating valuable content, nurturing relationships with your audience, and diversifying your income sources to ensure long-term success in monetizing your blog.

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