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Are you looking for the best ways to promote YouTube channels to get more engagement and views? This post might be helpful to you if you're looking to resolve this concern of yours to avoid getting frustrated after investing your time, energy, and money into your channel.

Remember that having the intention that your videos will reach the expected views without indulging in any of the promotions listed on the page could end up not getting any views or not getting the views they deserve. Tactics you might have neglected for a long time that works

Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Meaning of YouTube 

1.2 What does a view on YouTube Mean?

1.3 Why are More Views Important?

2.0 Create Video Titles That Are Focused on Keywords

3.0 Using Tags Strategically

4.0 Create Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

5.0 Effective Use of Social Media for Channel Advertisement 

6.0 Using Hashtags Effectively

7.0 Collaborate with the Right Influencers

8.0 Campaign for Paid YouTube Advertisements

9.0 Using Email Marketing as a Promotional Tactic

10.0 Wrapping Up



Looking at how things are going, you may agree that YouTube is getting more saturated.  According to YouTube: hours of video uploaded every minute 2022 | Statista Every minute, about 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. This works out to almost 30,000 hours of newly uploaded information every hour.  Sorry if the above information caused a nuisance but it might be great to know what you are venturing into or what you are into because it will make it easier for you to figure out how to boost your YouTube channel.

Meaning of YouTube

YouTube is the world's second most popular website and the second-largest search engine after Google. Everyone can find something they enjoy on YouTube. Therefore, as a content maker, you can share your work with a wider audience more easily thanks to YouTube.  Before we check out the necessary information concerning YouTube promotion, let's understand about views and why it is important.

What does a View on YouTube Mean?

The term "views" describes how often people have watched your video or channel. A video is recorded by YouTube every time a user clicks on it and views it for at least 30 seconds or an individual counts as having viewed your video several times.

Why are More Views Important? 

Most people who venture into anything be it business, school, work or others always want a return on investment in the end. The ability to see future progress in your videos comes from having views. Below are reasons why views are important on YouTube:

  • For brands and individual producers alike, YouTube views gauge social proof and reputation.
  • It broadens your organic audience without requiring further advertising sometimes.
  • It enables content producers to make money on YouTube from their video and their business too.

Here are Tactics that have been Tested you Could Use to Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views

  • Create Video Titles That Are Focused on Keywords:

When creating any video on YouTube, we should always bear in mind that individuals(views) most times might use Google to find videos in addition to YouTube. Moreover, video now ranks higher in Google searches than other content.

If you are unsure what keywords to use for your YouTube content, start with your title while maintaining the rule of 7 C’s professional writing (clear, coherent, concise, concrete, correct, complete, and courteous). 

Also, endeavor to include keywords at the beginning of your sentence (metadata). This can be done by entering the topic in the search box on YouTube and using the autosuggest to guide you. 

Below are some websites you can use in keyword searches to boost your YouTube channels: Some are paid while some give a one-month free trial before subscription.

  • VidQl
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Using Tags Strategically:

After your YouTube video title, next in line are your video tags. In addition to the title and description, your video tags should give your viewers insight into what the video is about.

were the tags in connection to the video created. By tagging your video with trending keywords and phrases, your video will appear in relevant search queries and your viewers will be able to see what your video is about before clicking on it.

  • Create Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails:

Just imagine you are scrolling through your social media pages, you will notice that the one with a clear, precise, and informative picture will capture your interest more. With this, you will notice that thumbnails are one of the things that should be addressed. 

According to Why Our Brains Prefer Symbols to Words - Neuroscience News symbols are easier to remember than words. In your thumbnail, use clear language and high-quality graphics to communicate the video's main message, or use canvas to create a clear and informative picture.

Use the YouTube video guidelines below for thumbnails to boost your YouTube channels:

  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 px (With a minimum width of 640 pixels, any aspect ratio of 16:9 should work).
  • JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP are the formats that are used.
  • The Size limit is 2MB. 
  • If possible, put a close-up photo.
  • Incorporate color and text to attract clicks.
  • Ensure that your other branding is consistent.

Always Create a visual representation of your description and title in your thumbnail image as seen in Fig III above.

  • Effective use of Social Media for Channel Advertisement:

One useful tactic for increasing visibility and drawing in more viewers to your YouTube channel is to use social media advertising.

Social media advertising is connecting with a target audience through social media platforms to develop your brand, boost sales, promote website traffic, generate leads, and more.

Most people post on social media without understanding the strategies of each platform. When choosing social media for the promotion of your YouTube channels, it is best to recognize the characteristics and user bases of every platform, provide material that is specific and engaging to your intended audience, make use of visual and interactive components, remain consistent, and communicate with your audience, ask for feedback from them concerning your post.

Choose social media sites that complement your content and are pertinent to your target market. For instance, Pinterest and Instagram might work best for you if you are into beauty postings.

  • Using Hashtags Effectively:

Adding widely recognized and often used hashtags associated with your subject matter broadens the content's visibility and audience.

It's important to keep hashtags brief and simple to comprehend. Using long or complicated hashtags could make people less likely to interact with your content or confuse them.

Engage with your post and other people's posts and conversations using relevant hashtags to network with others in your niche and reach your target audience by liking, commenting, and sharing similar posts.

  Collaborate with the Right Influencers:

This is a cooperative effort between two or more businesses to strategically market each other's goods or services. are beneficial to businesses looking to grow and establish connections with new clients. Both sides gain from the greater visibility and customer interaction in this win-win scenario. For instance, when a clothing company combines with a well-known musician or other celebrity to promote a video  

For instance, a clothing company combined with a well-known musician Justin Timberlake to promote their video and at the same time the clothing business.

  • Campaign for Paid YouTube Advertisements:

Investing in paid YouTube ads can aid the visibility-building process for individuals or small enterprises. It helps to draw in more business by investing in advertisements that reach a larger audience. 

This can help level up the competition for businesses that provide worthwhile goods or services but need more substantial advertising costs.  

In the green outline indicates that the video is a paid ad.  Her video was seen by many people thanks to paid advertising, which generated leads and income. Most of the time, it widens the gap between well-known and emerging artists.

For a novice, it might not be a good idea to begin with an advertisement if your channels don't currently have any other videos. It might work once you've achieved a particular posting threshold (it can either be 4 to 5 videos).

You can check out some of the YouTube Ads below:

  • It’s a Tide ad
  • Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Monkey Baby”
  • Deliveroo for business
  • HomePod
  • Ad Council: Child Car Safety
  • Zillow: "Susans" and others


  • Using Email Marketing as a Promotional Tactic:

Using email marketing in a business' marketing strategy allows you to get in direct contact with your target audience, build customer relationships, and boost conversion rates.

You may interact with your subscribers and increase revenue by producing interesting and pertinent content. But, it's crucial to respect the recipients' privacy and refrain from bombarding their inboxes.

Optimizing your future promotional efforts can be achieved by tracking and evaluating email campaign performance.

In addition, you can benefit from using an email signature by including a simple link to your YouTube channel beneath your name.

  • Adding Trailers from your social media Page:

It might be a clever and useful approach to increase interaction and gain prospective customers for your website.

It's a sneak peek of the stuff you plan to post on your social media accounts. They could be in the kind of intriguing questions, captivating captions, quick videos, or even pictures.

This can create a sense of anticipation and interest among your audience, which can assist in developing excitement and motivate people to stay connected with your page for updates.

Conclusion: By implementing these strategies and staying consistent with your content, you'll increase the visibility of your videos and build a dedicated audience over time. Remember, success on YouTube is not just about creating great content but also about effectively promoting it to the right audience and being consistent.


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