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Nigeria is a country with massive opportunities to create wealth thanks to its enormous amount of human and non-human resources, but for you to do this, you have to invest something such as your energy, your time, your brain, your skills, your money to mention a few. Off all these, people usually have the biggest trouble in deciding where to invest their money. This is no shocker as it is type hardest to get of all the above and people aren’t usually so eager to let go their money, hard earned money at that. So, how then can someone invest their money in Nigeria? There is a plethora of ways, ways that are practically impossible to exhaust in this piece but we will highlight quite a number of them that are easily identifiable. So here goes nothing:


Considering how often we talk about the stock market on the news or inadvertently in our individual discussions, plus how big and popular the stock market is globally, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone seeing this on the list. Once you have money to spare, you could easily make it work for you by investing in the Stock Market either online or manually through the services of s stock broker. The stock market daily makes millionaires and also daily reduces millionaires to nothing, but while the losses could be quite devastating, there’s no denying the fact that one could easily make a fortune from the Nigerian Stock Exchange (Stock Market) by trading or long term investing.


Humans will always have need for food and as farming has gone beyond just producing what you and your family will eat, it has become a big money maker and even taken on a new name called Agribusiness (A mix of Agriculture + Business). The world has been in constant battle with food shortage for decades now which means we consume more food than we produce globally. As a result, agriculture is constantly a topic of interest globally. There is currently no food commodity recorded to be in ecxess production globally which simply tells you that you can’t go wrong with agribusiness as there are always buyers especially when it comes to cash crops.


Nigeria is easily one of the largest Energy consumers in Africa but constantly has trouble of creation and supply. This automatically creates a lacuna in the system and creates an opportunity for those who feel they can bridge that gap. Fuel shortage, Jet Fuel shortage, power outage is some of the energy crisis we constantly face in Nigeria. You could choose to be a supplier of these or a creator when it comes to electrical power by obtaining the right licenses from the government of course. But trust me, investing in the energy sector is a good venture and if you think I’m wrong, kindly ask Otedola, Alakija and Dangote.


Hold up! You see real estate and the first thing that came to your mind is build fancy mansions and sell them out for millions and possibly billions. Lol, while this is not entirely wrong, let me take you somewhere else. Nigeria has a problem of too little houses for too many people and as a result, people are usually homeless or constantly on the lookout for houses. Not everyone can buy a house but most people can afford to rest a house. You could easily use the same money for a mansion to build a block of flats or high rise buildings for low and average income earners to take a rent. That guarantees you more income in the long term plus you’ll be solving a problem. Many big players in the real estate sector adopt this strategy and they make billions in from it, so yes! It’s a good way to invest your money in Nigeria.



Human beings love to have fun and be taken care of and Nigerians are no exception. Investing in the caregiving business has been a lucrative venture since the early '90’s in Nigeria and it’s not showing any signs of waning. You simply need to make sure that your facilities are top notch, your services unbeatable and your staff, satisfying in all ramifications both in behavior, service, looks and any other possible wise. Places like Elegushi Beach, Eko Hotels, Oriental Hotels, Golden Tulip, Rockview Hotels etc. are a good way to see how lucrative this sector is.


This area is relatively dormant in Nigeria. For some strange reason, big players have failed to invest handsomely in this sector that has the potential to rake in billions annually, thanks to the abundance of water within and around the Nigerian landscape. The roads in Nigeria are constantly clogged thanks to bad roads and too many automobiles on the road. Funny thing is that the water ways are a faster way to travel in Nigeria while they could also provide the possibly of fun and relaxation within travel time. People are constantly looking for ways to move around Nigeria without cars and planes, and if you could establish a transport line via the water ways in Nigeria, you might just have struck after all.


I’m not just taking of commercial banks here, were talking insurance, Microfinance banking, Fintech solutions and services, Asset Management etc. The financial sector is worth over 4 trillion naira and is one of the strongest Sectors in Nigeria in terms of performance and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Nigerians are always looking for financial service establishments that offers them better in terms of loan interest, banking options and possibilities, private and corporate funding etc. If you give offers that meet these yearns and desires, the financial sector would welcome you with arms wide open. Too much need not be said here, go find out about the performance of top financial services operators in Nigeria and decide for yourself.


This is basically the transportation of goods and services but nor people, lol. You’ve probably heard of GIG Logistics, Jumia, Konga and the likes of them who sell things online and offer to deliver to your doorstep. Those guys are logistics. You could do this via water, air, land so long as you have the means. The logistics industry is growing exponentially in Nigeria and people are constantly in need of someone to transport something for them across the state, across the national or around a small area. Investing here is an act of solving a problem and having started a mini-logistics entity here in Nigeria, I can assure you that the logistics industry is a lucrative industry to pitch your cash.


You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the entertainment sector in Nigeria is one of the few thriving without aid or trouble. Music and Film have become the one stop shop for most people who try to make a living as actors, singers, dancers, writers, video editors, producers etc. The past few years have seen many wonderful days with some of our movies gaining international acclaim, our music winning global awards and stuff like that. The industry would do even better if more people invested their money in studios, equipment, project funding for our creatives to explore their gifts and skills. Trust me, the entertainment industry is surely a place you want to invest your money in Nigeria. As my friends at law would say, Res Ipsa Loquitur would apply for the entertainment industry in Nigeria.


Don’t freak yet! A venture capitalist is someone who gives their money to people who have business ideas but no money. It’s basically a team up of you with money and no idea and another man with ideas but no money. A lot of startups with great potential are struggling in Nigeria because they lack appropriate funding. You could be that man who fills the gap. If you have money but don’t know where to put it, you could easily look for someone who has a business or idea and choose to fund them in exchange for a part ownership of the business either permanently or for a specified period. Lots of people gain massive wealth today by just this activity and have even made it a full time job. You just have to make your proper findings before putting your money in. Programs like Lion’s Den or Shark Tank could give your insight into how to go about this.

Guess, we’ll have to cap it here but there are many sectors you could invest your money in Nigeria even beyond the 10 sectors listed above. Feel free to look around, find a problem, find a solution to that problem and commercialize it and you’ll be on your way to raking in some good funds. Thank you for reading.


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