World's Top 30 International Real Estate Companies


In the entire world, there are several real estate firms. You might be curious as to why individuals work in real estate, what it's like to be a real estate agent, and how other real estate firms operate globally. You may learn everything you need to know about real estate in this article, including how profitable it is and the names of a select few global real estate firms.

What is REAL ESTATE, first of all?

Real estate is a type of property that comprises both unimproved land and buildings, furnishings, roads, and utility infrastructure. Recent years have seen a significant increase in real estate demand, and many investors predict that real estate investment will continue to be a key factor in future competitive advantage. Erbil is one of the most significant commercial contributions in Iraq. One of its most important and quickly growing assets is its real estate.


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Your responsibility as an international real estate agent is to assist foreigners in purchasing or disposing of real estate in your nation. To meet all deadlines for tasks and duties, real estate firms are devoted to developing and putting into place time management systems.


It is likely that you will work with a real estate agent to guide you through the process if you are looking to purchase or sell a house. Real estate firms are committed to establishing and implementing time management systems in order to achieve all deadlines for activities and responsibilities


It is likely that you will work with a real estate agent to guide you through the process if you are  looking to purchase or sell a house. The majority of real estate brokers are compensated for their work through commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the sale price of the company. Some real estate agents are paid on commission. In most cases, a single commission is divided as follows:

  • Between the agent and the broker for the seller.
  • For the buyer, between the broker and the agent.

Additionally, commissions may be paid as a portion of the sale price of a property. Under real estate brokers, agents work.


A designated real estate broker, who monitors the agents' compliance with local, state, and federal real estate rules, is the legal employer of real estate agents, who are salespeople with a license to work under that umbrella. Agents are not allowed to work on their own and cannot take commissions from clients directly.


Real estate agents are employed by brokers who can function independently. There is one designated broker for each real estate office. Every commission must be paid directly to the broker, who divides it with any agents working on the deal. If they are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and abide by its code of ethics, real estate brokers and agents may both use the title of Realtor.


When a property is listed for sale, the seller and the listing broker sign a listing agreement, which is a document outlining the terms of the listing, including the broker's pay, which is typically a commission. It should be noted that commission is always negotiable. In reality, members of the real estate profession who strive, however quietly, to impose standard commission rates violate federal antitrust law. Commissions are typically between 5% and 6% of the final transaction price, however they may be greater or lower depending on market conditions. Unless the buyer and seller agree otherwise, the seller pays the commission. Because most sellers include the commission in the asking price, one could argue that the buyer always pays a portion of the commission, either directly or indirectly (through a higher purchase price). Both the seller's and buyer's agents have agreements with their sponsoring brokers that stipulate the agent's commission share. It might be a 50/50 share or whatever other proportion the broker and agent desire.


Real estate commissions are sometimes split among numerous people. The commission in a typical real estate transaction is divided into four parts: The listing agent is the agent who obtained the listing from the seller. Listing broker—the broker who hires the seller's listing agent. Buyer's agent—the person or company who represents the buyer. Broker of the buyer's agent—the broker who employs the buyer's agent.

HOW DO REAL ESTATE AGENTS GET PAID? reported that the yearly salary for real estate brokers in 2022 will range from $85,597 to $112,309, based on years of experience. According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median annual wage in 2021 will be $48,770. The average yearly pay for brokers was $86,490. Of course, real estate agents and brokers can earn significantly more. In 2021, the top 10% of agents earned more than $102,170, while the top 10% of brokers earned $176,080. ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY IS: Brookfield Asset Management ($256.3 billion) in Canada.


Keller Williams Realty. Headquarters: Austin, Texas Annual Revenue as at 2021: $532.2 Billion Keller Williams Realty began as one office based in Austin, TX that sold local residential properties. From these humble beginnings blossomed the largest real estate company in the world. Gary Keller and Joe Williams founded the brokerage in 1983. By the next two years, the company had 72 agents working for them, a number that only increased with time. In more recent years, Keller Williams Realty has put a lot of work into developing their real estate company overseas. They signed a franchise with South Africa in 2012 and established locations in many South American countries as well in 2018. Their diligence towards expansion has landed them as the largest, and most profitable real estate company in the world.

1.Brookfield Asset Management. Headquarters: Toronto, Canada 2021 Annual Revenue: $75.73 Billion There is a long and scattered history behind Brookfield Asset Management. It was founded over 120 years ago in Brazil as the San Paulo Tramway, Light, and Power Company, and it functioned mainly as infrastructure management. By the 1960s, the company had migrated to Canada and changed its name to Brascan Limited. In North America, the focus broadened to include areas beyond infrastructure, like real estate, renewable power, and private equity. This prompted a final name change in 2005 to Brookfield Asset Management. Today, they have become one of the largest holders of real estate in the world, with $208 billion worth of properties currently under their management and 22,000 employees.

2.Public Storage. |U. S| Public Storage has its market value: $46.634billion

3.CBRE. Headquarters: Los Angeles, California 2021 Annual Revenue: $29.14 Billion When it comes to buying and selling commercial real estate property, CBRE is the top broker for the job. They assist anyone involved in the process of purchasing, selling, or investing in commercial real estate. Additionally, they function in just about every corner of the world, from the Americas to Asia. The earliest remnants of CBRE are traced back to the early 1900s, but the company went through a lot of changes in that time, in both names and ownership. Throughout the 1990s, CBRE had gone public and grew its percentage of the real estate market by acquiring many other brokerages, such as Westmark Realty Advisors and Koll Real Estate Services. The wide reach of CBRE commercial real estate services made them #128 on the Fortune 500 in 2020 Welltower (NYSE: WELL) Revenue: $5.1 billion Welltower, Inc. is committed to providing health care infrastructure and investing in senior housing operators, post-acute providers, and health systems. The company also offers assisted living facilities, independent living/continuing care retirement communities, care homes, self- supporting living facilities, nursing care homes in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It has 443 employees. Its Headquarters is in Toledo, OH.

4.Zhenro Properties Group Limited. |China| Zhenro Properties has its market value: 2.991 billion.

5.Cushman Wakefield, Inc. Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois 2021 Annual Revenue: $9.4 Billion in 1917, Cushman Wakefield was established by a pair of brothers-in-law in New York City. The progress of the small real estate company was slow but steady for 40 years until the company blew up in 1969 when they became the project developer for Chicago Sears Tower. From that point, Cushman Wakefield, Inc. sought expansion into Europe by acquiring one of their major real estate players, Healey Baker. This led them to join forces with other international real estate firms in places like Asia, South America, and the Middle East. The most recent happening among Cushman Wakefield was taking their company public to the New York Stock Exchange in 2018. Their growth into foreign markets maintained their success for over 100 years.

6.Public Storage. |U. S| Public Storage has its market value as: $46. 634

7.Prologis. Headquarters: San Francisco, California 2021 Annual Revenue: $4.830 Billion Prologis, has its large industrial properties. They’re actually the largest industrial real estate company on the planet by owning an estimated 814 million square feet of industrial property across 19 different countries. The company got its start as an AMB property corporation in 1983 and earned its final title of Prologis in 1999. During the 2000s, Prologic spent a lot of time diversifying their locations into places like Japan, Europe, and China. By 2007, they became a Fortune 1000 Company. The most recent development within Prologis has been their full acquisition under Liberty Property Trust in 2020 for $13 Billion.

8.Simon Property Group, Inc. Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana 2021 Annual Revenue: $4.608 Billion The business endeavors of Simon Property Group fall into the retail category. In addition to being a prominent commercial real estate brokerage firm, the company is also the largest operator of shopping malls in the United States. If you’ve been to a shopping center in America, there’s a good chance that it’s managed by Simon Property Group, Inc. Simon Property Group, Inc was founded only 28 years ago as a publicly-traded company by brothers Melvin and Herbert Simon. After formation, Simon Property Group quickly acquired a series of malls and retail locations across the United States that became the foundation of their business. Today, Simon Property Group, Inc. dominates the commercial retail real estate market. The company has a stake in 204 large retail properties giving them the majority holding of shopping center real estate in the United States.

9.Link real estate investment. |Hong Kong| Link real estate investment has its market value: $20.149 billion. 

10.Boston Properties. Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts 2021 Annual Revenue: $2.889 Billion Boston Properties specializes in commercial office buildings. Most of their business takes place in large American cities, like Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City. Boston Properties is known for a few key developments in its history. Twenty years after being founded in 1970, the company started work on constructing the NASA headquarters. This sent them down a wave of acquiring valuable commercial office properties in major cities across the United States. As of 2019, Boston Properties owns 196 commercial real estate properties that bring in nearly&8  billion in a year

11.Equity Residential. Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois 2021 Annual Revenue: $2.572 Billion as their name suggests, Equity Residential is a real estate company that’s geared towards apartment investments. Similar to Boston Properties, Equity Residential conducts most of its business in major American cities. These include: San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York City. Currently, they’re coming in at the second largest apartment owner in the United States with 309 properties total.

14.AvalonBay Communities. Headquarters: Hopewell, Virginia 2021 Annual Revenue: $2.295 Billion Another real estate company that places the majority of its investments in apartments is AvalonBay Communities. In fact, they’re the third-largest apartment owner in the United States, right behind Equity Residential. AvalonBay was the product of a 1998 merger between two residential property companies called Avalon Properties Inc. and Bay Apartment Communities. When brought together, they started with 40,506 apartment units in total. That was the beginning of a long term of expansion and investment. Twenty-three years after its founding, it now owns nearly 80,000 apartment units along the American coasts.

15.Alexandria Real Estate Equities. |U. S| Alexandria Real Estate Equities has its market value: $24.010 billion.

16.Annaly Capital Management. Headquarters: New York, New York 2021 Annual Revenue: $2.1 Billion Annaly Capital Management is a real estate investment trust that deals primarily with mortgages in New York City. They work with mortgage financing for homes and businesses. The company was founded in 1997 by Wellington Denahan, and Michael Farrell, a long-time employee of investment banks. In its first five years, Annaly grew its customer-base up to 59.8 million shares and $957 million. While Annaly Capital Management had a dramatic drop in revenue in 2019, they’re still one of the largest real estate companies in the game.

17.Kimco Realty Corporation. |U. S| Kimco realty corporation has its market value: $8.548 billion

18.Vornado Realty Trust. Headquarters: New York, New York 2021 Annual Revenue: $1.65 Billion Although Vornado Realty Trust was established in Maryland in 1982, the real estate company does its business almost exclusively in New York City. Vornado Realty handles both office and retail buildings in their portfolio. Some of their most prominent property includes: The New York Marriott Marquis, 770 Broadway, 666 Fifth Ave, The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, Fuller Building. Vornado began as a discount store chain called “Two Guys” that acquired an electric fan manufacturer and changed their name to reflect the expanded ownership. That was the start of the company going on to acquire 21.4 million square feet in Manhattan office and retail space.

19.Re/Max. Headquarters: Denver, Colorado 2021 Annual Revenue: $376.0 Million Re/Max, a catchier version used to represent Real Estate Maximums, began in 1973 as an idea for a new way of handling real estate. The plan involved allowing real estate agents to keep the majority of their commissions and instead, pay their brokerage through office expenses. What started as a concept transformed into 100 franchises by 1977? They followed this accomplishment by expanding their company internationally through the 1980s and 1990s. In the 2000s, their focus shifted to online home listings. By 2011, Re/Max was in 70 countries in the form of over 6,000 franchises. Today, Re/Max has almost 85,000 agents in just the United States and Canada, who bring in millions of dollars in revenue every year.

20.ICC Property Management. ICC Property Management offers professional condominium management services in Toronto. Now proudly in its 21st year of service in the GTA and surrounding areas, bringing to you a highly skilled and innovative team whose decades of knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence provides exceptional personal service to ICC’s clients. We consistently raise the standard of living in our condominiums by providing the highest quality customer service with our hands-on philosophy of servicing our clients.

21.Convivio SA. |France| Convivio SA has its market value: $8.630 billion.

22.PIK group. |Russia| Pik group has its market value: $8.324 billion.

23.MaxWell Realty. Maxwell® Realty is a proud Canadian real estate franchise company established in Alberta in 1999 by two bold visionary leaders in the real estate business. Maxwell was founded on the principal of providing leading customer services, with honesty and Integrity to our clients.

24.Weyerhauser Company. |U. S| Weyerhaeuser company has its market value: 29.441 billion.

25.merican Tower Corporation. Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts 2021 Annual Revenue: $8.042 Billion American Tower Corporation functions in the operations and development of wireless communication, like cell-phone towers. Formed in 1995 as an extension of American Radio Systems, the American Tower Corporation grew to be one of the biggest real estate investment trusts in the world. Soon after its construction, the company went public on the stock market as their own separate entity after their parent company switched hands to CBS. After becoming its own company, the American Tower Company set up locations in Mexico and Brazil. They excelled in these areas. By 2007, the company became a part of the SP 500 and was working on expanding past just the Americas. Five years after achieving a spot on the SP, American Tower had established 50,000 communication sites worldwide. That milestone has more than tripled as of 2020, putting American Tower Corporation as the largest real estate investment trust (REIT) globally.

26.The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. has been providing full real estate services in the Whistler and Pemberton areas since 1978 and for more than three decades.

27.EGRO. |U. K| SEGRO has its market value: $16,226.20 billion.

28.Cameron Development Corporation Cameron Development Corporation was found in 1979. An Edmonton, Alberta based real estate development company, specializing in development projects of the highest standard and quality. Their most notable development is South Edmonton Common, which is Canada's largest open air retail destination. Well, established and privately held, Cameron has participated in real estate development transactions totaling in excess of 8 million square feet.

29.Intracorp Homes. For over forty years, Intracorp has built extraordinary homes in the best locations, earning our reputation as one of North America’s most trusted real estate developers. Developing communities in six urban regions in North America, Intracorp has established itself as a real estate developer that delivers extraordinary experiences to Homeowners. As one of North America’s largest developers of multi-family homes, Intracorp has delivered more than twenty-two thousand homes in 176 communities.

30.Colonnade Bridgeport.  Colonnade Bridge Port has built a solid reputation as a full service real estate investment and management company trusted by clients through Ontario. Whether looking to source, develop, manage or lease real estate assets, works with clients to ensure their asset thesis is strong, clear, realistic – and executed to meet target. Colonnade Bridgeport has its Headquarters in Ottawa with offices in Toronto.

In conclution, this article provided tips you need to know about the international real estate companies and business, which explained how profitable it is and the names of a selected top  global real estate firms.


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